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Day 365

Taking real-world news to Sci-Fi territory, what happens when you're confined to quarantine for 365 Days?

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While stuck in my childhood home during the COVID-19 lockdown, with only my house and family as set and cast, the experimental short film Day 365 was born.

As an aesthetic exploration of our present-day anxieties, I wanted to take real-world news to Sci-Fi territory. A central question this film poses is: what does it mean for a family to be confined in their home for 365 days? Even if the film may seem absurd, when the film ends, the viewer is forced to ask: will this be me?

Inspired by Surrealist imagery (Dali, Magritte) and their impulse to tap into the unconscious mind, the visuals serve to showcase how boredom unravels rationality. During the early pandemic, I also noticed a growing trend of the upper class rediscovering the “beauty of the home” and the subsequent glorification of the domestic. Inspired by the iconography of the “perfect” 50’s family, I wanted to use this idea and bring it to its absurdist reiterations. Think: Aliens taught by a 50s housewife how to be human.

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