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The Grammar of Wool

Inspired by deep ecology’s pursuit of repositioning man within nature, I documented my personal journey of rediscovering nature and culture through cloth. Combining craft traditions from four different countries (UK, UAE, Kuwait, & Serbia), I used my own practice, archival research, and interviews to learn about the journey of wool and its rich history.

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Combining craft traditions from across four different countries (UK, UAE, Kuwait, Serbia) the goal was to rediscover nature by personally experiencing each step in the journey of wool – from sheep herding to garment disposal. As I traveled, the wool evolved with me, integrating different craft traditions into the creation of one final garment. Through this process, I constantly referred back to the cloth's relationship with the local environment and the cultural heritage it emerges from.

The hope of the documentary is to explore how the fashion industry can support regional craft in the reality of a globalized world. Highly inspired by Robin Kimmerer’s work on indigenous language and nature, a question I pose is: can fashion be used as a language to animate the natural world around us?

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